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Admob Revenue?

Admob Revenue? ---- Hello guys, in today's article, I have told you what is the revenue of admob and how can you increase it? You have to read the article till the last, then you have been understood that what is admob ravenue and how can you increase it?

What is Admob Revenue?

First of all we will know what Admob revenue is and how it works. If you have been working on admob for a long time then you will know what admob revenue is. If you are new to admob, I will tell you what admob revenue is. Admob's revenue depends on your Ads. Which country is Ads in your Android apps, if you are from India, you got a lot of work in Admob, if you are from another country, you got more revenue if you are from India and your Android is another one. Country. If you have Ads, you have a lot of revenue If your admob's revenue is low and how can you increase it, then let me know in the next step One side of your account balance is your account balance, created with the help of Ads in your Android apps.


Admob India Ads Revenue?


If you are from India and you do it in Admob, then you will know how much revenue you will get from clicks, then you must have seen that Ads of India comes in your Android apps. Their cpc are very few and talk about the country outside, so we get cpc of that because advertisers in India can advertise their product. There are very few bits due to which, if you click on your adobe Ads, it gets reduced a lot and if you talk to another country, we get more than Ads, we are from any other country Become more than. Why do you get more, I'll tell you in the next step.

Admob United State Ads Revenue?

We will talk that if you are from USA, you will get very good cpc. According to India, there are many people who dream of India for another country, which they get good revenue, now talk about why in the end the United States gets good revenue because the United States has a Do the very large companies that are their advertisers use to promote their product? Let's put money in your Android app, if you have help with any product in the United States, if a user clicks on that aids, you will get a lot of revenue, so everyone thinks that the United States is our Android Come to the app. Ads from.


Increas Admob Revenue?

Now let me tell you how you can increase your Admob's Ravenue if you have been working on Admob for a long time and your Ravenue is a lot of work, then tell me some ways which you can follow to increase the Ravenue of your admob. If you can, first of all, you have to choose the category of your Android apps, which type of Android apps do you create, because Admob's Ads will help your apps What does it mean to make apps for which category, if you are from India, then I should tell you to make related apps from digital category, in which you will get very good revenue and if you target any other country then you can You create a category that outsiders can use, then your revenue will increase automatically.

If you have read the complete of your article, then you will understand what is admob ravenue and how can you increase it, if you like the post, then please comment and tell me so that I know that you did not understand.

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